What is Dubay?
Dubay is B2B portal for industrial buying & selling dedicated to Middle Eastern markets.

How can you be a part of Dubay?
Just like any portal, register and sign in to start your vendor profile.

How can products be listed on the Dubay?
Click on “Post an Ad “, fill all the necessary details, upload your product’s picture and submit.

Why posted ads aren’t listed immediately?
Dubay’s listing system screens the ad for its quality before it is published. Moderation time is usually few minutes.

How many ads can be posted?
There are no restrictions on number of ads posted by a user. Postings are Free.

Advertising on Dubay.me?
Dubay has ad panels are strategically placed on the website for maximum possible exposure. Please contact us on advert@dubay.me for advertising your company or product.
We also provide services to design ads for organizations.

What If there isn’t a category where your product can fit?
Request us for one on contact@dubay.me

Need further assistance?
Please write us at contact@dubay.me