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THREE CBM BOAT SKIP The No.1 Designer and Manufacturer Of  THREE CBM  BOAT SKIP MADE IN DUBAI  RHINOSKIPS Skips,Containers and Bins for the Waste, Recycling and Construction Industry.

Take A Look At Our Range Of Skips and Containers, all Proudly Manufactured in Dubai, UAE



THREE CBM BOAT SKIP Skips handled with cranes without the need for a person on the ground to assist in tipping over the skip and emptying are generally known as Crane Skips, Muck Skips or Boat Skips.

RHINO Builds Heavy-duty Boat skips for general muck and waste removal purposes and are ideal for handling and shifting of heavy Construction site loads.

The RHINO BOAT SKIP has been designed for low loading applications and a rapid filling and discharging capability allowing for efficient muck removal operations  It is

 RHINO  BOAT – MUCK – CRANE SKIPS are designed with  quick engage lifting bridge, extra strong lifting point and latch for automatic emptying of the skip by the crane operator, eliminating the need for an assistant to manually operate a release mechanism.

RHINO  BOAT – MUCK – CRANE SKIPS are manufactured using ASTM A – 36 or equivalent steel, heavy gauge hot rolled steel C Channels are used underneath the floor for sustaining payloads of upto 30 Tons. All plates are heavy gauge steel and are fully welded inside and out for a rigid bucket construction. Hardened Alloy Steel St 52 pins are passed through the bucket walls, additionally stiffened inside and outside and are robustly welded.

All corners are additionally stiffened using heavy gauge gussets and the floor is reinforced from the inside by welding heavy steel bars to absorb the impact of rocks and concrete elements being dropped by the loaders from a height.

 RHINO  BOAT – MUCK – CRANE SKIPS are manufactured following the most stringent industrial standards, are Third Party Tested and Certified before despatch to Customers.

That most leading Civil Contractors in the Middle East Trust and insist on buying and using RHINO  BOAT – MUCK – CRANE SKIPS is a testament to the Fact that we are by far The Best Choice.

THREE CBM  BOAT SKIP MADE IN DUBAI  RHINOSKIPS RHINO  BOAT – MUCK – CRANE SKIPS Come in sizes from 2 CBM to 18 CBM  with load bearing capacities ranging from 2 to 30 Tons. Customizing to your specifications is possible. 



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