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STEEL STILLAGES At BAKJAM FABRICATION we have 40 years of experience in the Design, Fabrication and Supply of Steel Stillages, Pallet Cages, Bins, Sheet Stillages, Mesh Steel Stillages, Chute Front Stillages and Boxes, Folding Stillages and Custom Designed  Steel Stillages, Pallet Cages, and Picking Bins

Steel Stillages Pallet Cages and Picking Bins are made using prime quality steel. As a family engineering company which has been fabricating cages and stillages for 2 generations we are very experienced in the design and welding requirements of the stillages. Any components needed, such as pallet feet, are checked to ensure optimum compatibility.



STEEL STILLAGES are Extremely strong in construction which enables our stillages to last ages despite being given very harsh treatment. RHINO STILLAGES come in different configurations designed and built to suit customers specific needs. RHINO STILLAGES are supplied to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Doha, Oman, Riyadh, Jeddah, Kuwait, Bahrain, Dammam and other Middle Eastern customers.

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As Manufacturers of Quality Industrial Equipment our product range is extensive and covers six basic Equipment types, 

  1. Pipe and Pipeline Accessories, 

  2. Material Storage and Handling Equipment, 

  3. Waste and Garbage Handling Equipment, 

  4. Forklift and Crane Attachments, 

  5. Precast Concrete Molds and Lifting Accessories and 

  6. Bollards, Marina Cleats and Mooring Accessories.

Steel Stillages Some of our Quality Products are Pipe Rigging Rollers, Pipe Casing Spacers, Pipe Supports and Pipe Racking, Pipe Saddles and Pipe Shoes, Pipe Clamps, Hangers and Brackets, Galvanized and Stainless Steel Anti-Vortex Plates, Puddle Flanges, Pump Manifolds, Pump Skids and Vessel saddles. Stackable steel pallets, flat pallets, bins, Steel stillage and gitter boxes, wire cages and wire baskets, material baskets, man baskets, crane man baskets, forklift attachments, self dumping hoppers, crane attachments, precast concrete molds, Bollards and marina boat mooring cleats and accessories. 

Our Brands

RHINO is our Flagship Brand under which we have been manufacturing Quality Industrial Equipment in UAE since 1980.  A wide range of Industrial Equipment that has been manufactured and sold throughout the Middle East since the last 40 years. RhinoSkips, Rhinopalletsnbins, Rhinoselfdumpers, Rhinoveyors, XLMolds and ForkMounts have become trusted names for equipment that meets the expectations of quality and economy.