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Pipe Slings Handling Accessories RhinoVeyors Pipe Slings and Cradles are an effective way to move pipe, specifically designed for pipeline laying, pulling and installation projects and currently offers cradles from DN 100 – DN 2000 Pipes and all are equipped with 114 mm diameter urethane “round cut” wheels with sealed anti-friction weather proof bearings.  All our designs are third party tested any comply with industry standards. These models are equipped with 16 mm or higher diameter  wire rope and all ropes are certified.


Pipe Slings Handling Accessories  are manufactured by RhinoVeyors as an essential pipe handling accessory for steel, coated steel and plastic pipe handling applications.
These can be used for lifting and laying welded pipe into trenches, lifting and laying pipe over rough terrain during dragging and driving a pipe bend during launching.

RhinoVeyors standard pipe slings use a  16 mm diameter wire rope with an appropriate number and spacing of rollers to suit a given pipe size or a variety of sizes. For example the less rollers strung into the sling the lower the cost, the more rollers incorporated the higher the versatility. Using 16 mm wire rope creates a SWL (sling Safe Working  Load) of upto 3000 kg.

Pipe Slings Handling Accessories RhinoVeyors supply a complete range of roller slings for both steel and HDPE pipe laying. Suitable for pipe sizes up to 900 mm and a rated load capacity at 7 Tons, our pipe roller slings will save you a lot on your next project. Available for sale at:

CELL: 058 101 6267

Phone: 06 743 9209

WhatsApp: 050 632 8990

Pipe Slings Handling Accessories

Pipe Slings Handling Accessories

Pipe Slings Handling Accessories-Key Features:

  • Pipe size range of 50 mm-1200 mm
  • Lightweight for ease of use and transport
  • Wire rope grips fitted to each end to allow easy adjustment in the field to suit actual pipes sizes
  • Spring loaded springs & washers fitted between each roller to allow more flexibility and snug fitting around pipes
  • All roller slings are made to international standards.
Picture Part Number Load Capacity Eye-Eye No. of Rollers Wire Cable Diameter Pipe Diameter
SLING001 5T 5M 5 18mm⌀ 600mm-1000mm
SLING002 2T 3M 3 18mm⌀ 75mm-250mm
SLING003 5T 5M 8 18mm⌀ 150-1000mm
SLING004 3T 3M 4 18mm⌀ 150-500mm
SLING005 2T 1.2M 3 16mm⌀ 125mm-200mm
  SLING006 4T 5M 6 18mm⌀ 150-1000mm
SLING007 3T 4M 5 16mm⌀ 100-600mm
SLING008 9T 12M 12 20mm⌀ 1000-3330mm

We are manufacturers of standard as well as customized pipe roller slings as per client needs and specifications and our slings are offered with replaceable rollers.

Pipe Slings Handling Accessories, manufactured by RhinoVeyors

Pipe Slings  Accessories, manufactured by RhinoVeyors