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We fabricate GAS QUADS

for all industrial gases such as GAS QUADS for H2, O2, N2, CO2  Medical Oxygen and Argon for dubai, sharjah, abu dhabi and all GCC Countries. we also fabricate GAS RACKS for industrial use and transport of gas cylinders. Our GAS QUAD and GAS RACKS are fabricated to highest safety standards.


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Quads provide a large volume per unit, when large volumes are required.

Cost saving benefits of using our quads:

  • Less transportation.
  • Less documentation.
  • Less storage and handling.

TECHNOSMITHS’ high pressure gas GAS QUAD FOR H2, O2, N2, CO2 and storage banks are offered in various formats according to customer requirements, including 4, 6, 9, 12, or 16 cylinder arrangements.

These robust racks are constructed by TECHNOSMITHS from fabricated box section mild steel and finished with epoxy powder coat which provides greater protection against chipping, cracking and corrosion.

New 44.5 litre capacity steel cylinders with a working pressure of 350 Bar (5000 psi) are fitted as standard. All cylinders are individually valved to permit isolation.

We are a renowned Gas Cylinder Quad or Cascade manufacturer, supplier and exporters in India. Gas cylinder quads are also called as gas cylinder Pallets or gas cylinder Banks in some countries. Quads or Cascades are used where high volume of gas is required to be feed at a regular flow rate and pressure without an interruption. In this kind of applications or industries the usage of conventional gas cylinders on one at a time basis, becomes highly undesirable because of time wasted in cylinder changeover, cylinder handling, gas wastage etc. Also as regular gas is need to be feed as per process requirement, use of single cylinder becomes non feasible due to its low gas storage volume constraint. For these kinds of applications, Gas Cylinder Quads or Cascade or Pallets or Banks are used.

We also manufacture gas cylinder Racks or Cage used to store and transports the cylinders in bunch. Basic difference between Quads and Racks is that, in quads all the cylinder’s outlets are interconnected to one another using manifold so that they can be used as a whole simultaneously. In Quads all the cylinders can be filled and can be emptied using single outlet only. Where as in gas cylinder racks, cylinder outlets are not connected. Racks are used just for the safe storage or transport of separate cylinders in a bunch or cage.