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We manufacture Galvanized Steel Stack able Stackable Pallets and Bins designed to maximize storage space utilization on one hand and carry maximum load and volume on the other. Bespoke, tailored to your Exact Storage Requirements.

  RHINO Stackable Steel Pallets come in a variety of configurations and load bearing capacities. The most common, shown here is the most widely used in the Middle East. The basic construction detail is  

  •  Four stacking targets or Cups from robust 3 mm plate 
  •  Swagged heavy duty pipes that act as the Feet / Legs of the Pallet.
  •  Cold rolled C channels as Pallet main frame
  •  27 mm outer dia reinforcement tubes
  • 3 mm stiffeners at all corners

The widest application of these Stack able Steel Pallets is in the Cold Storages where a continuous reshaping of space is desirable to accommodate a wide variety of perishables arriving in different packages. The clear advantage of Our Stack able Pallets is that they can be swiftly dismantled, stacked and stored away in a very confined space. The Tubular uprights, called the Pallet Posts, come in different lengths suited to each individual end users’ preference. For all Cold Storage applications and also where Food has to be stored in dry storages the Stack able Pallets Must be Hot Dip Galvanized per Municipal requirement. Rhino Pallets are Galvanized to BS Standard BS 729. 

Common Size of this Galvanized Stackable Steel Pallet is 1250 mm x 1050 with a clearance of 120 mm from floor to Pallet bottom. End users can configure the dimensions infinitely to optimize the usage of their storage spaces.

Additionally the end user can request Customization to allow loading of anywhere from 500 kg per Pallet per Level to 2000 kg per Pallet per level. In most cases Pallets are stacked Ground plus two but higher stacking is possible with increment in Pallet footprint. Technosmiths Engineers are always at hand to guide and advise you on how best to configure your next Pallet Purchase.


 Mobile: 054 557 4272


Mobile: 054 557 4272

Whatsap: 050 632 8990



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