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RHINO STEEL BINS are manufactured by Bakjam. Extremely strong construction enables our Steel Bins to last a long time despite being given very harsh treatment.


RHINO STEEL BINS AND COLLAPSIBLE BINS come in different configurations designed and built to suit customers specific needs. RHINO STEEL BINS are supplied to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Doha, Oman, Riyadh, Jeddah, Kuwait, Bahrain, Dammam and other Middle Eastern customers.

COLLAPSIBLE STORAGE BINS All of our Bins are made using prime quality Steel to grade ASTM A-36 .  or to grade S 275 Jr. As a family engineering company which has been fabricating Steel Bins for more then 40 years we are very experienced in the design and welding requirements of the Bins to withstand heavy static and dynamic loads during transportation. Any components needed, such as pallet feet, hinges and locks are checked to ensure optimum compatibility.

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COLLAPSIBLE STORAGE BINS manufactured by Bakjam

Our Collapsible Storage Bins are intelligently designed mesh or solid steel storage Bins, perfect for warehousing, retail, manufacturing, transport and product storage applications. With a well-designed, multi-purpose structure, the Bins and cages have robust zinc-finished panels and are completely collapsible! The front and rear panels are removable allowing for convenient and economical storage. This makes it ideal for transport, racking or as a stand-alone cage.

When fully loaded, these Collapsible Bins can be stacked 6 high. They also feature full or half drop-down doors for quick and easy access to the stored products, even when the cage is stacked or stored. Assembly is also convenient as no tools are required when constructing or dismantling the Bins.

Our Product Advantage

  1. Fully Welded steel structure, strong and durable
  2. upto 6 level Stacking and folding structures and easy to use
  3. Can be stacking 6 high
  4. Load capacity from 500 to 3000 kg,
  5. Improve product safety and handling
  6. All Four sides can be folded to save storage space

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