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Manufacturers of Custom Cantilever manbaskets

cantilever-manbasket-crane-manbaskets-We are manufacturers of personalized lifting platforms, Manbaskets / Man Baskets, Forklift work platforms, Material Cages, Dump Boxes, Skip Pan, Gas Cylinder Cages. Our Work Platforms are available in a wide range of dimensions and capacities. VALINOR Manbaskets are designed to be lifted directly from a crane hook or attached to a forklift. Valinor baskets are third party tested and certified to meet or exceed all relevant OSHA  codes. Each Man Basket or cage is tested before delivery.


CANTILEVER MANBASKET CRANE MANBASKETS- VALINOR offers a 1 year warranty and can arrange a fully covered Product Liability Insurance on our Man Baskets.  Our Quality products are:

  1. One, Two and 4 Person Standard Man Baskets / Manbaskets.
  2. Cantilever Manbaskets
  3. Forklift Work Platforms
  4. Rescue Platforms and First Aid Manbaskets
  5. Material Baskets and Material Handling Crane Platforms
  6. Gas Bottle / Cylinder Quads and Cages
  7. Custom Fabricated Crane and Forklift Attachments.


cantilever-manbasket-crane-manbaskets are available in any size, shape or material to meet your needs. we build the highest quality industrial platforms and manbaskets. We are dedicated to building personnel manbaskets for cranes and fork trucks.


06 743 9209

Cell: 058 101 6267

Whatsapp 050 632 8990

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  • Meets or exceeds A.S.M.E. B30.23-latest specifications.
  • Designed to meet or exceed OSHA 29 CFR Subpart CC Part 1926.1431 final rule, and WCB Standards.  AWS D1.1 Certified
  • Welding procedures, all welds are spatter free and smooth.
  • Three year warranty.
  • Dimensions: 48″ W. x 108″ L. x 86” H. with 5′ work area @ 44″ high beyond pick point.
  • Working load limit; 900 lbs. overall – 500 lbs. w.l.l. on deck beyond pick point.
  • Easy on/ off detachable Test Weight system (1,125 lbs.) evenly distributes 125% test load on platform frame.
  • Five part bridle assembly w/shackles 4 legs of 5/8” wire rope 2 legs @ 5’ and 2 legs @ 6’ and 5th leg ¾” wire rope @ 6’ attached to master ring dedicated for personnel hoisting only.
  • Forklift tubes for easy transporting from one location to the next (6”x3”x1/8”).
  • V.L.M.H.P. (variable load multi hook points) adjustable lifting eyes for precise balance.®
  • Finish – Electrostatic powder coat (Color: Safety Yellow).