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Powerful Spiritual healer                                                                                                                                                              Dr Rashim is a traditional, herbalist and spiritual healer who has worked with a lot of traditional healers, herbalist healers ,spiritual healers and sangomas around the world by working with them I came to learn that a lot of them leave an finished job which make their clients to not believe in them and some work with the power of magic without knowing how to use them, that’s why some people use black magic without knowing the outcome of it and they end up massing up there life or their loved one’s life in the future, before you use black magic or white magic you have to know how it works and use it well because with this magic if you don’t use it collectedly you won’t get what you want. When you use black magic you expecting to get what you want in just a short period of time because it is very effective and it works fast, God created black magic for a good purpose but most evil people/a greed person use it wrongly to hurt others , the reason is that because it work fast on the spot. This black magic is a very powerful energy which affects the human body and interrupt the functioning of human system, mind and soul, with this magic when someone use it on you the external energy enters into your body and it generates problems, sicknesses and diseases, if this energy enters the human body it control on the human mind and soul. This thing is called the Black Hypnotism because this black magic is performed on someone without his/her permission, back magic can destroy the life of a human being and leave a very big impact                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (A)if you are affected with black magic or evil eye ,like being witched with witchcrafts you definitely need black magic treatment.(B) Are you straggling with love ,lost love case :with these case you definitely need to use black magic(vashikaran) because it will return your lover in a short time.(C) Money, job and Business: if you’re losing money or not getting a job of your dreams, business is not running well even after a spending your time working hard don’t west your time you just need a black magic remedies (vashikaran). (D)You can use black magic to win court cases in case you are trapped in any legal case when there’s no any way to escape it so that you don’t get arrested. Black magic can be very helpful if it’s performed well with good and powerful rituals, for more info call Dr Rashim: +27788453901 or email us:                                                                                                                         .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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