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(MCCG) Offering Free Home Delivery With Free Service


Dear Customer,


Welcome To Mercury Chemical Consultant Group!


We the (MCCG) Mercury Chemical Consultant Group have (MANY) zonal designations around the globe and we guarantee a 100% assurance for a perfect work-done to any of our client/customer.


There is no risk to be taken in this transaction because we use a computerized cleansing

detergent and none of our client/customer pays money up-front before the completion of his/her defaced currency, we work on percentage after the cleansing is done.


So, I advise any individual/companies/cooperate bodies who have such defaced currency to act swiftly to the completion of their fund especially those that are having a defaced dollars

because the American federal treasury has declared and invented a new design of a $100 bill

(i.e. the old $100 bill MAY not be tenderly useful at the market in the nearest future).


In-case our client does not live here in the United Kingdom; we only convey the

materials/chemicals to be used in cleansing the currency to your country home as required by our various representatives. Everything about the shipment of the materials/solution to your country is free of charge BUT remember that our PERCENTAGE cannot be DENIED after the cleansing of your defaced currency. If understood and accepted, I request you to send us the details below:


1. Your Name:

2. Your Contact Number:

3. Your Home Address:

4. What is the denomination of the currency?

5. Are you ready to pay the PERCENTAGE after the work done?


You are at the right place!


Contact us immediately for inquiries and Solutions.

Jerry Will

WhatsApp & Call: 00919582553320

Mercury Chemical Senior Technician




Dr. Rooney Deo

WhatsApp & Call: 00447928230460

Mercury Chemical Lab Coordinator


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