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Al Musafi Engineering, Industrial Area No 5, Sharjah, UAE

Certain parts are hard to weld; Al Musafi Engineering offers a cold repair for these segments by the process for metal stitching. Expert professionals, with the assistance of techniques and systems from Australia and Denmark, can repair such parts. Our team is furnished to work with an extensive variety of materials. Usually repaired parts include:

  • Engine blocks
  • Cylinder heads
  • Transmission Housings
  • Water cooled manifolds
  • Turbo charger casings
  • Gearbox casings

To guarantee quality service, we do preassure testing of engine blocks and cylinder heads after the attainment of metal stitching(metlocking).

Metal Stitching(Metlocking) can be utilized to repair parts of all sizes from the little engine blocks to large engine blocks. The absence of heat stresses keeps the making of any warm hassles subsequently dispensing with the need to machine out any misalignment or wrap-age that would have been made because of warmth information. Moreover, metal stitching can end up being invaluable in combustible territories where fire and welding circular segment might be denied. Our talented specialists can custom form absent or softened parts up house and stitch them at site according to client prerequisites.

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