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Big Ben Mobile Potato Baking Oven-made in UK

2 units available

Selling Price: 30,000 dhs each

Cost Price: 55,000 dhs each


Discount price: 25,000 dhs each

the ultimate baking oven for the entrepreneur

feed and succeed


  • 230 Potato capacity
  • Fully ready to transport and cook
  • Attractive presentation and delicious aroma
  • Potatoes are easy to serve
  • Jacket potatoes are low cost
  • Potatoes are easy to prepare and cook
  • Hot Drinks
  • LPG gas fired
  • Proven Moneyspinner – high profit margins!
  • Ideal as B.B.Q.
    (actually works better and faster than a standard B.B.Q.

·         Accessories
Bain Marie, Chiller Server, Prep Table & more


Designed in a traditional Victorian style, the Big Ben is capable of producing much more than just Baked Potatoes. The Big Ben is far more versatile and surprising. Sausages, Burgers, Bacon Baps, Baguettes, Baked Apples, Hot Pies, Pizza and Panini’s can all be produced with this money spinner, not to mention hot drinks to wash it all down. The Big Ben can bake up to 150 x 250gm potatoes an hour using just 8-10kg of gas per day.

Big Ben Specification

Model : Big Ben

Width: 1430 (mm) / 57″

Height: 2000 (mm)/ 79″

Depth: 2460 (mm)/ 97″

Weight: 400 (kg) / 8821



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